For those of you who are going to be, or have participated in the ETWC summer clinic or just want to kayak

Look at the forum! If you want to plan a trip, it is a great place to gather a group. If you are looking for something to do this weekend at the last minute, there is often a trip to join.  It's a great resource for planning trips, asking general technique trips, or just talking about some issues that are important to paddlers.

Roll practice has moved indoors

Winter indoor roll practice is held every Friday night at the Oak Ridge Civic Center indoor pool. Attending roll practice is an excellent way to learn to roll, or to polish your skills.  There are usually some experienced boaters there who are happy to help you.  Many last minute boating trips are also organized there. Please see the roll practice page for details. See you there!

ETWC members build a changehouse

Recently, members of our club assisted the NPS Obed W&SR unit by providing the manpower to build a brand new changehouse at the Jett bridge put-in on Clear Creek. Try it out on your next visit.

ETWC is over 50 years old!

ETWC celebrated our 50th anniversary at the April 2012 meeting.  Reid Gryder found an article in the Summer 1962 AW Journal by John Bombay that documented a February 1962 trip on the Big South Fork by ETWC members.  John Bombay was AW’s Safety Chair and was on temporary work assignment in Oak Ridge.  Bombay is credited with starting the club along with a group of local paddling enthusiasts.

It was interesting to learn about the early exploration of rivers in East Tennessee, and the stories behind their names.  Whitewater craft began as foldboats, truck tire inner tubes, or aluminum or fiberglass canoes.  Before kayaks became readily available from manufacturers, club members fabricated their own from fiberglass, using the club's molds.  The club was also involved in the early history of slalom racing.