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Club Meeting Tues Sept 18 at 7:30
John Tansil, a very early club member is putting together a history of ETWC and will be in town to share what he has found.  Reid Gryder will also be sharing some old slides from club trips from the 70's. It will be a great meeting for old-timers to reminisce and for new boaters to make connections and learn what trips will be coming down the road.

The meeting will be at the club house at the top of the hill within Greystone Apts on Solway Rd ½ mile from Hardin Valley Rd.
We will also meet and eat before the meeting at Grill Don Gallos on Hardin Valley Rd, 6pm. Call or Text Mark 865-679-9242 if you want to come eat so he can save you a spot.

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